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For media buyers and advertisers, video advertising often is an efficient and direct way to extend audience reach and strengthen consumer engagement.

As audiences increasingly shift their reading and viewing habits to multiple screens and devices, publishers now have the opportunity to capture their attention by adding VMG video ad formats to their existing mobile and desktop inventory.

The responsive VMG video approach provides seamless 360 integrations through VAST, VPAID and advanced tags and supports all video types and sizes.

The VMG video SSP and management platform for publishers currently monetises out-stream and in-stream video advertising inventory across PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Also knowing that in an increasingly device agnostic world, new ways of consuming video are always just around the corner.

Our VMG video SSP is uniquely built for video advertising, designed to understand time, content, devices and audience data (with 3rd party suppliers). We enable total inventory and monetization management and impeccable delivery of a publisher’s video ad inventory.

One Platform

VMG's integrated video SSP delivers maximum demand for every impression, by allowing multiple types of media buyers and buying setups to gain access to (and compete for) the available inventory including direct deals, Real-Time Bidding, Open Market and Private Market Places (PMP).

Publishers can construct exclusive PMP deals for their high value inventory. Allowing to package inventory and negotiate deals directly with buyers.

Publishers always keep full control of their inventory and monetization strategy using (our) pricing strategies by audience, ad placement, content type, backed by our analytics that give the necessary insights to make the right decisions on pricing.

Multiple formats and screens

The VMG video SSP enables publishers to activate both out-stream and in-stream video-ad formats. Our device identification technology allows targeting on desktop and mobile web inventory. Additionally, we integrate with major mobile networks and DSPs to help publishers monetize their inventory and maximize revenues.

Detailed reporting

A wide variety of reports can be accessed through the reporting tool (revenue, periods, websites, placements, days, hours, geo, campaigns, devices etc.). Our reporting solutions provide publishers with real-time and historic reporting with customizable reports and data visualization controls with basic impression, eCPM, rich analytics and revenue metrics. Through our advanced analytics, publishers will gain deeper insight into business as it happens. Data visualization will allow to quickly understand the business situation using the style of choice whether it be graph or chart.

Unified Campaign Management 

Control and manage your premium inventory across multiple channels within the VMG platform.

Tag Trafficking

VMG tags can be trafficked directly through your ad server for greater efficiency.

Flexible Reports for Actionable Decisions

Publishers and buyers will have access to pre-set canned reports for immediate download or create extensive customer reports.

Consulting, self-service and managed services

VMG offers complete programmatic solutions with in-house expertise to support publishers and media buyers. You decide if you need full control of your SSP solution (self-service setup) or leave in the expert hands of the VMG support team (managed service setup).

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