Publishers can benefit from significant additional advertisement budgets through our innovative online video formats such as InPageVideo and OnPageVideo as they do not cannibalise on any existing display ad revenue streams.

Main advantage over the commonly known pre-roll video format is that the InPageVideo format is not attached to or dependent on any editorial video content. The video commercial will play directly within the editorial content of the publisher’s webpage through our unique responsive technology. We thus offer a superior solution for the general lack of premium inventory with most premium publishers for video advertising campaigns and bring traditional publishers brand new volumes of video inventory InPageVideo and OnPageVideo create much more impact and engagement than a standard banner ad (with or without video elements). This will of course also provide for much better CPM rates.

Video Media Group enables advertisers to show video commercials directly on publisher’s website(s) without the need for producing or purchasing expensive editorial video content or any pre-installed video players. InPageVideo is technically suited for use on desk- and laptop computer PCs and most mobile devices. We are fully compliant with all existing IAB-video- protocols (VAST/VPAID) and can be connected to all known ad servers or campaign management systems for publishers and media buying agencies.

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