At present InPageVideo is our most successful online video advertising format for advertisers and publishers. This makes much sense considering the elegant and natural way InPageVideo commercials unfold and positions itself within the heart of the article content. See below how InPageVideo works.

How it works

InPageVideo is user friendly and impacful. Impactful because the video ad plays in a large format (preroll) and in the heart of the website content. User friendly because the viewer can choose to watch the video but doesn’t need to (like with preroll). Also the sound is only user initiated (mouse over).

  • 1
    The website user opens an article but doesn’t yet see the InPageVideo.
  • 2
    When the user scrolls down the InPageVideo ad unfolds between the content (mostly articles) and starts to play (only when in screen).
  • 3
    If the user scrolls down the video ad pauses when it’s more than 50% out of the screen. It starts playing again when the video comes back in the screen.

Desktop & Mobile

InPageVideo is suitable for desktop and mobile devices. InPageVideo is a responsive format and adapts according to the device.
Check our demo’s and see for yourself:


The VMG player is very easy to implement in publisher websites. The tag can be added to the website of served by the publisher’s adserver. Once the tag is placed VMG will activate the tag and configure the position.
 All VMG ad formats are built on HTML5 and is VAST/VPAID compatible.

  • HTML 5
  • VAST


Clients that make use of our proprietary VMG Network for in-content video campaigns, get full access to our Campaign Dashboard. Campaign reports will show all regular metrics like video-starts, watch-through ratios by quartiles (starts, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) and CTR. In addition we also measure ad-request volumes, mouse-overs etc.


VMG saves all historic campaign data which makes it possible to benchmark campaigns on publisher and channel level.


A wide variety of reports can be accessed via the the reporting tool (periods, websites, geo, campaigns, devices etc.).

Technical partners

Our technology and VMG Network are increasingly connected with a global (technology) partner network. These partners have been selected carefully and widely recognized as key players within the online (video) advertising eco-system. Together with these partners we are able to offer publishers, advertisers and media buying agencies essential additional services, innovations and additional options such as Programmatic Trading (SSP and DSP platforms) and mobile video ad serving.

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