The Video Media Group team is continuously working on the development of new products and services in the field of online video advertising. Everything is developed in-house and thoroughly tested. We always keep in mind a clear balance between publisher’s requirements, web visitor’s expectations and user experience, technical performances and advertising effectiveness.


At present InPageVideo is our most successful online video advertising format for advertisers and publishers. This makes much sense considering the elegant and natural way InPageVideo commercials unfold and positions itself within the heart of the article content.

InPageVideo Mobile

InPageVideo Mobile is the next step in video advertising on mobile devices. It is an important step due to the growing mobile traffic we see with all publishers in our network. As with InPageVideo for desktop the mobile format plays in the heart of the content.


OnPageVideo is our latest online video commercial format that plays over the publisher’s webpage(s). This kind of format is sometimes also referred to as screen-ad or floating-ad. The OnPageVideo starts playing automatically when a visitor lands on or opens a publisher’s webpage.


The InBannerVideo format is all about generating video commercial views in an (existing) banner position. The commercial is placed in a banner position (standard display position such as medium or large rectangle / MPU) with a stationary frame.


The ExpandableVideo format has a lot in common with the InBannerVideo format. However, the ExpandableVideo format doesn't play in the existing banner slots. Only when the web page visitor clicks or hovers over the banner, a transparent, layer will appear over the page with a video in the centre.

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